Testing and Replacing a GFCI

Testing and replacing a GFCI outlet requires a few basic hand tools and an electrical tester. On the outlet you will see 2 buttons (they can be a combination of colors and sizes) depending ... Continue Reading →

How to Extend an Existing Electric Wall Box

How to use an electrical box extender if you are installing wood, stone, tile or any other material to an existing wall. For a better look and for safety you need to bring the outlets ... Continue Reading →

Repairing a Fluorescent Light

Your fluorescent light is not working. The first thing to try is replacing all the fluorescent tubes in the fixture. If the light still doesn’t work, you will want to remove the ... Continue Reading →

Changing a Fluorescent Light Tube

There are many different types and sizes of fluorescent light tubes on the market. The most common for home use is the 2 pin variety, that comes in straight and looped (U shape) tubes. When ... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

When you plug in your appliance and nothing happens, the first question that comes to mind is, why don’t I have power at my outlets? Then you think, I need to call an electrician. ... Continue Reading →

USB Outlet Chargers

In this fast changing world of technology, with all the cell phones, tables and other gadgets we have now using USB technology, find a place to plug then in is getting harder. Manufacturers ... Continue Reading →

Step by Step Video How To Rewiring A Lamp

You know that favorite antique lamp that you are afraid to use because it makes crackling noises when you turn it on, or the lamp cord is all frayed and looks dangerous? Maybe you have ... Continue Reading →

Repairing an Extension Cord

Extension cords are a must for any homeowner. They are needed to temporarily extend power to tools and lighting inside and outside of your home. On occasion they will wear out, break ... Continue Reading →

Understanding a 4-way Switch

A 4-way switch allows you to turn on or off a light from multiple location, so you don’t have to be in the dark. The 4-way switch creates a way to have a switch at all entrances ... Continue Reading →
3 way light switch

Understanding a 3-way Switch

You flip the switch at one entrance and the light goes on, flip another switch at another entrance and the light goes off, pretty cool! A great convenience until you flip a switch and ... Continue Reading →
Ceiling Fan

Is My Ceiling Fan Safe?

Before you replace your chandelier or light with a ceiling fan, you need to know that the electric junction box in the ceiling is rated to support your fan. All new fan boxes manufactured ... Continue Reading →

Installing a Ceiling Fan!

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home. They will move the air around keeping the room at a more constant temperature, thereby keeping you more comfortable and your heating or ... Continue Reading →