Don’t Trash Old Cordless Tool Batteries.

Do you have old rechargeable NiCad cordless tool batteries that just won’t take a charge any longer? Don’t throw them in the trash. As Do It Yourselfer’s we like to ... Continue Reading →

7 Signs of Mold Issues in Your Home and How To Fix Them!

Owning a home is tough. Whether it’s big or small, there always seems to be little dark corners and nooks and crannies where all kinds of gross stuff likes to gather. It’s disheartening ... Continue Reading →

Before Calling a Service Man, Check These First.

    You wake up one morning and realize, it is a little colder in the house than usual. You go check and find out the heating system is not working.  To save yourself some ... Continue Reading →

Replacing a Refrigerator Door Gasket

All doors on a refrigerator have a molded gasket around the outside edge of the door to seal in the cold air. Over time the gasket can get torn or with age it becomes old and stiff. ... Continue Reading →

Buying Power Tools – How Cheap Can You Go?

With all the different models of power tools out there, how do you know which to buy? You want to buy the best but your budget doesn’t always allow it and the situation doesn’t ... Continue Reading →

Safety Tips Around the House

We all love to save money. Doing projects around the house ourselves keeps us from paying out big money for the things we can do. Being handy around your home, you can keep things well ... Continue Reading →

Forced Air Heating System Tune-Up

As the temperature starts to drop and winter heads our way, it’s time to check the heating system. These are maintenance items that every homeowner can do to get their heating ... Continue Reading →

Easy Way to Clean Grill Parts

Easy Way to Clean Grill Parts Summer is such a wonderful time, with backyard BBQ’s and family gatherings. With all that wonderful grilling, comes the not so much fun task of cleaning ... Continue Reading →

Why Is Condensation on Ductwork a Problem?

It might not seem like a big deal, but condensation on ductwork can be a major issue. The constant presence of condensation could cause damage to drywall, insulation and framing. It ... Continue Reading →

Setting Water Heater Temperature

The temperature on a water heater can be adjusted to the temperature of your choice. The issue becomes what temperature to set it at. The setting for a dishwasher to properly clean ... Continue Reading →

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Mice

Many feel tempted to delay taking action to eliminate a rodent problem, not realizing that “time is not on your side.” Mice populations can soar within only a few weeks ... Continue Reading →

Keeping Bats Out of Your Home

Bats can be found in most parts of the world with the exception of extreme cold climate and severe desert. They are a very beneficial part of nature. Scientist consider bats one of ... Continue Reading →