11 Helpful Painting Tips

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is always time to learn new painting tips. I know they say you can’t teach an old dog, but most of know that isn’t true. If you ... Continue Reading →
Wall stripes

Painting Stripes on Your Wall

Putting stripes on a wall is a creative way to add some dimension to a room to make it look larger or taller. Vertical stripes will make the room appear higher, while horizontal stripes ... Continue Reading →

Paint Like a Pro

You have decided you want to spruce up your home. You have decided on the colors you want. You have done all the prep work. Check out our article on prepping your walls before painting, ... Continue Reading →
Wall Prep

Preparing Walls for Painting

Preparing walls for painting is a rather important step in the process of making your home to look fantastic. Most people would think, Hey just put some paint on the walls and we will ... Continue Reading →
What do I paint first?

What Do I Paint First?

When you start a paint project, the first question that always comes up is, what do I paint first? Depending on what you are painting of course, will change the answer to that question. If ... Continue Reading →