Changing An Exterior Door.

When the times comes that you need or just want a new entrance door for your home, the key thing to consider are what look you want. There are other important things to consider that ... Continue Reading →

Building a Deck – Proper Beam Attachment

var vpPlayer = new VpPlayer({ embedId: "FRkAEbcU3HRh" }); When building a deck, installing the beam and attaching it to the post properly is such a critical step. There are a ... Continue Reading →

Adding More Garage Storage

Having a garage to store things is awesome. And it doesn’t really matter how big it is – it can always use more storage. Building shelves or storing stuff in bins can be ... Continue Reading →

Install Baseboard Like a Pro

When you plan to install baseboard around your home, there are a few tricks that the professional tradesman know that make there work look fantastic. The walls and floors in most houses, ... Continue Reading →

That’s a Strange Place for a Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home can be a great deal. They are inexpensive compared to a permanent house. You can put them just about anywhere and live comfortably.  But some people have ... Continue Reading →

Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen

There are small places in your kitchen where adding a spice rack can make your life more organized. You may not be a master chef, But you love to cook. Using just the right spices ... Continue Reading →

Need More Kitchen Storage?

Adding more kitchen storage can be an expensive endeavor. You need to move things around, buy new cabinets, or even a complete overhaul. There is extra space hiding in your kitchen ... Continue Reading →

Awesome Wood Architechture

Through the history of buildings, there have been many different types of architecture, made from all types of materials. Many a craftsman turn to hardwoods for building some of the ... Continue Reading →

Adding a Peep Hole

Knock, Knock -Who’s there? Installing a door viewer (peep hole) in you door will keep you from asking that question as you will be able to see who is on the other side without ... Continue Reading →

[Video] Build Your Own Deck

Are you wanting to build your own deck? Doing it yourself can save you some money, but can also cause you a lot of headaches if you are unaware of some important steps you need to take ... Continue Reading →

Best Deck Material

There are plenty of decking products on the market today for you to choose from. Which one is the best deck material can depend on the look you want and the budget you have. But with ... Continue Reading →

Should I Remove That Wall?

You want to make your space look bigger but you don’t have the property of the funds to extend the house beyond its current size. You start to think about taking down a couple ... Continue Reading →