Finding That Roof Leak

Having a roof leak is never a good thing, sometimes finding it can be a real adventure. Water from a roof leak can travel a long way down a rafter across a joist and then across the ... Continue Reading →
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Limits of Your Roof Warranty

Your roof could be one of the most expensive repairs you will need to do to your home. The cost will depend on many factors. Your new roof shingles will come with a manufactures warranty, ... Continue Reading →

Installing Your Roof Shingles.

Now that you have the roof stripped, cleaned and prepped, it’s time for installing your roof shingles. As easy as it may look or seen to be, there are things that you need to ... Continue Reading →

Removing Roof Shingles!

So you have made the choice to redo your roof yourself, Great, I love Do It Yourselfers. I probably goes without saying, but Safety First, know what you are up against and keep your ... Continue Reading →

Safety First When Working on a Roof.

It is easy to ignore safety first when you are working on a roof, but it is also very easy to take a few minutes to install a safety harness to keep you from falling off a roof and ... Continue Reading →

Needing a New Roof?

If your home is needing a new roof soon, whether you are considering doing it yourself of hiring a contractor there are a few common mistakes that you really should make sure are avoided ... Continue Reading →
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What Is the Condition of Your Roof?

Your roof is one of the biggest home preventive maintenance items and is very often overlooked. Checking your roof for signs of wear and damage can prevent the need for major water ... Continue Reading →