DIY Window Shutters

Window shutters will make any house standout. Most shutters you can buy for your house today are made of plastic. While the look good from a distance and will never rot, they are still ... Continue Reading →

Automatic Air Vent for Drain Lines

All plumbing fixture drain lines need to be vented. The air vent allows for air in to the drain system so water will flow properly. Think of how a soda bottle goes gulb when you poor ... Continue Reading →

Properly Venting a Plumbing Fixture

Before you decide to add a plumbing fixture for a bathroom, laundry room, or a utility sink, you need to be sure that the drain line is properly vented. Without proper venting your ... Continue Reading →

Before Calling a Service Man, Check These First.

    You wake up one morning and realize, it is a little colder in the house than usual. You go check and find out the heating system is not working.  To save yourself some ... Continue Reading →

Making PVC Pipe Look Like Wood

There are so many great uses for PVC pipe. Sometimes you might shy away from using it because you don’t like that plain white look you get with the pipe. What if you could make ... Continue Reading →

Change a Light Bulb – Save Some Money

Learn how the simple task of changing your light bulbs can save you money. Thomas Edison perfected one of the greatest inventions in history, the light bulb. And just like Edison, ... Continue Reading →

Home Energy Saving Tips

With the price of everything rising, saving money on your home energy bill is always a nice thing. Some little do it yourself projects, that don’t cost a lot, can save you a good ... Continue Reading →

Safe Way to De-Ice a Windshield

For those of us who have to leave our vehicle out in the snow and cold, whether at home or work. Getting the windshield clear before we start driving is a must but can be a big pain. A ... Continue Reading →

Testing and Replacing a GFCI

Testing and replacing a GFCI outlet requires a few basic hand tools and an electrical tester. On the outlet you will see 2 buttons (they can be a combination of colors and sizes) depending ... Continue Reading →

Have A Better Garden Next Year Using Autumn Leaves

The autumn colors are starting to arrive, with it will come the falling leaves. Each year we struggle with raking and disposing of all those leaves. How would you like to have a better ... Continue Reading →

10 Awesome Uses for PVC Pipe

Sometimes, little things can make life a lot easier. Called hacks today, these little short cuts or tools can make getting things done easier. Using pcv pipe and fitting is a quick ... Continue Reading →

How to Stop a Shower Valve Drip

Tired of the constant drip coming from your shower faucet? You’ve tried tightening the handle as hard as you can, but it still drips. Read on to find out how to stop a shower ... Continue Reading →