Great Ideas For A Back Splash!

Adding tile, stone or metal to a back splash can make a major change in the look of any kitchen. Adding your own flare with deco’s, borders and patterns will make it uniquely ... Continue Reading →

Fall Lawn Care – It Really is the Best Time

Fall is a great time to repair your lawn and prepare it for the harsh winter to come. While it may be dormant  to the eye, the root structure of your lawn is still at work. Fall lawn ... Continue Reading →

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Mice

Many feel tempted to delay taking action to eliminate a rodent problem, not realizing that “time is not on your side.” Mice populations can soar within only a few weeks ... Continue Reading →

[Video] Backer Rod for Filling Gaps

When filling a large crack or joint in concrete or asphalt it is best to use a backer rod in the gap first. Backer Rod is a round polyethylene foam joint-filler and backing material ... Continue Reading →
clothes dryer

How to Properly Maintain a Clothes Dryer

Your clothes dryer can be a major fire hazard if not maintained properly. Most people use the appliances in their homes without realizing how dangerous they can be if they are not ... Continue Reading →
damaged vinyl siding

Replace Damaged Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very durable and flexible product, but is can still get damaged. A branch falling from a tree or an errant baseball, or wind can dent or crack the siding on your ... Continue Reading →
Disaster Volunteers

Severe Weather Season!

Severe weather can happen any time of the year, no matter where you live, so you need to be prepared! Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, blizzard, fire or flooding, having supplies ... Continue Reading →
Small Barrel Planter

DIY Barrel Planter

Building a great planter for your deck or backyard is simple with just an old plastic barrel and a couple of  pallets or some other scrape wood. You can cut the barrel to any size ... Continue Reading →
Your Lawn

Spring Maintenance, Remember Your Lawn.

Now that the weather has turned nice and temperatures are rising, it is time to get outdoors and spruce up your home with a little spring maintenance. There are many projects to accomplish, ... Continue Reading →
Your House

Getting to Know Your Home.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are a Home Owner! Being a home owner is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But even if you live in an apartment it is good to know this information. As a Home ... Continue Reading →
Home Fixes

50 Home Fixes that Won’t Break the Bank.

There are always little things that need to be fixed around your home, the good news is that many of them can be done for less money than a cup of coffee. Improving your home and your ... Continue Reading →

Making Your Home Safer with a GFCI Outlet.

Installing GFCI outlets in your home anywhere water and electric could meet, will help keep you and your family safer. A GFCI Outlet (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is a device that ... Continue Reading →